GPS Spark best tracking solutions is a software development company based in Hyderabad , India. QLC designs and develops applications oriented towards getting the maximum productivity and utility from the Internet, with specific emphasis in the areas of email, Internet sharing and TCP/IP based knowledge management systems. We take a lot of pride in offering excellent technology, via our high performance sales network that is backed by a knowledgeable and responsive support team. GPS Spark best tracking solutions inclination has always been to deliver significant value to our customers on a continuous, ongoing basis.” 

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GPS Spark helps you to track your vehicle easy & effective manner. GPS Spark is a one of a kind application that lets you interact with your vehicle like never before. It lets you set speed limit for your vehicle and each time the specified speed limit gets exceeded, the app sends you an alert. You can share your vehicle’s live location with anyone, from anywhere while you can track them in real time as well.Through the new multiple geofencing feature, you can assign multiple geofences to your vehicle and also customize the shape and size of the fence according to your need. GPSSpark best tracking solutions

The GPS Spark App lets you keep the controls in your hand like a boss! With instant alerts for ignition on/off, geo-fencing, over-speeding & power-cut, all in a single app, you can always stay updated wherever you are.