WeTrack Lite Mini Vehicle GPS Tracker

Perfect for car rental, fleet management and logistics, the best-in-class GPS device WeTrack Lite is compact and lightweight, which only weights 26.6g. Featuring improved accuracy, it is designed specifically to make locating and routing vehicles as simple as possible. Hidden LED makes the device “invisible” and drivers will never know it’s there unless you tell them.


GPS + LBS Positioning

Allow the location to be pinpointed in real time or periodically

Hidden LED

Whoever use your car will never know he or she’s being tracked

IPX5 Water Proof

Water-resistant to ensure stable operation in tough environment

Multiple Alarms

Instant alerts for overspeed, low battery, bibration, etc

Compact Size

Be able to place it in various locations throughout the vehicle

ACC detection

Be aware of the ignition status whenever you need